Remanence - Apparitions

CD:   $11.00

Apparitions 2:23
The Lack of Permanence 5:08
Now Can I Feel? 2:41
1st Wave 4:04
Be Careful What You Wish For 6:31
Violence In Chinatown 5:17
Brutality 3:58
Where The Shadows Lie 6:54
The Hurt Heals Slow 5:46
Ominous Sky 0:49
3rd Wave 4:05
Letters From Home 2:11
Watched Over By Angels 5:29
Total Playing Time 55:06

Remanence - Apparitions

"It seems that every now and again an unknown band comes along unexpectedly and presents us with an album that would put many established artists to shame. Apparitions is one such album." - Judas Kiss

Remanence began recording in 1992 as "Arcana", releasing the "...premonition" EP and the album Apparitions on its own label. Unfortunately, by the time the UK's Cold Spring Records reissued Apparitions in 2000, a number of other groups were recording under the name "Arcana". To avoid confusion, Arcana chose a new name - "Remanence". Rather than destroy the last remaining copies of the original pressing, it was decided to make them available as a strictly limited edition.

"From the brilliant packaging (sepia toned booklet with transparent over wrap) to the compositional tunes (premier neo-classics) everything here is top notch. The music spans 13 tracks of stunning, emotive beauty, which appear to take vision and inspiration from ghosts and afterlife phenomenon..." ~ Spectrum

"Remanence are quite simply brilliant. If your tastes are catholic enough to match their wide-ranging and emotional style you will adore this album." ~ Meltdown

"This release is definitely something that classical, industrial, ambient, and experimental fans alike should listen to simply for the sheer quality of the end product." ~ Sonic Boom

"8.5" ~ Ambientrance

Brian McWilliams: bass, drums, keyboards, keyboard programming, piano, percussion, short wave radio, sample manipulation
John Phipps: acoustic and e-bow guitar, drums, keyboards, percussion, piano, sample manipulation
Eric Berg: saxophone on 1st Wave
Carter Dewberry: cello on The Lack of Permanence
Mike Rashid: keyboards on Where The Shadows Lie

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