Remanence - Lamkhyer (Remastered Edition)

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Remanence - Lamkhyer (Remastered Edition)

"In Tibetan [there is a] group of slogans known as lamkhyer: lam meaning 'path' and khyer meaning 'carrying.' In other words, whatever happens in your life should be included as part of your journey... Whatever happens, you don't [have to] react to it..." - Chogyam Trungpa

Lamkhyer explores tribal, ambient, and experimental territory, blending hand played instruments, electronic rythms, field recordings, and sample manipulation together into a deep, organic listening experience. Relinquishing control, allowing for the accidental to blend with the deliberate. Chance and randomness were treated as valued collaborators, used to select intervals, notes, sounds, and direction. Spontaneous improvisations were shaped with a deliberate hand, transformed then re-processed, pushing further into new territory.

Lamkhyer was initially released in 2002 as a 3" mini CD containing the tracks "Lamkhyer", "K'an, The Abyss", and "The Leftward Path". Reissuing this material on a standard 5" CD allowed us to include outtakes, alternate mixes and demos from that same time period. Additionally, the original recordings were revisited and remastered using current technology to improve their audio quality.

Lamkhyer Full Spread

This limited edition CD comes packaged in a 5" x 5" real to real tape box and includes: (1) Front and back covers printed on high quality matte photo paper, (2) One gatefold booklet containing liner notes and credits printed on 80lb recycled paper, (3) Six lab produced photos sourced from original 35mm film printed on archival quality metallic paper and secured by a velum wrapper. (4) One audio CD presented in a printed velum sleeve. Each box was hand assembled and numbered by the artists. This release is limited to 100 copies.

Remanence is ~

BRIAN McWILLIAMS: keyboards, percussion, rattles, drum loops, vocal tones, sample manipulation

JOHN PHIPPS: keyboards, percussion, drum loops, shortwave, 12' tuned resonator, sample manipulation

with ~

MICHELLE McWILLIAMS: recorder on "Lamkhyer"

EXPERIMENTAL METHOD: I-Ching, random events

All tracks written by McWilliams / Phipps except "K'an, The Abyss" and "K'an, The Deep" by McWilliams / Phipps / Experimental Method. Recorded and mixed at the Sound Observatory by McWilliams / Phipps. "Lamkhyer" recorded and mixed by McWilliams. "Reflecting Pool (Demo)" and "Lamkhyer (Demo)" recorded at the Echo Observatory Ancilliary Annex. All tracks remastered by McWilliams / Phipps.

Additional field recordings made at Asylum Lake and Kellog Forest May, 2001. Original packaging concept by John Phipps, revised for this edition by McWilliams / Phipps. Photos by Brian McWilliams, Winter 2001.

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