Remanence: Apparitions

Spectrum Issue 4

From the brilliant packaging (sepia toned booklet with transparent over wrap) to the compositional tunes (premier neo-classics) everything here is top notch. The music spans 13 tracks of stunning, emotive beauty, which appear to take vision and inspiration from ghosts and afterlife phenomenon, rather than being produced under a militant guise of many other artists in this genre. Parallels could be drawn to some of Shinjuku Thief's albums, or perhaps the works of Ontario Blue or Ildfrost. Orchestral passages, piano interludes, and classical percussion are just some of the elements to be found. In regard to specific tracks, '1st Wave' appears to have captured the depressive pulse of time in its core essence - a sweeping of classically inspired keyboard layers, clarinet and partly tribal (treated) beat, all perfectly understated. 'Be careful what you wish for' is not as sinister as the title would imply, and features a slow piano melody with the accompanying background sound of a rainstorm (however, the title is obviously referencing crackly vocal sample asking ' there anyone on the air?'). 'Where the Shadows Lie' sees the adoption of a militant guise containing striking percussion and both shrill and brooding string/brass accompaniment (although is probably the track where the synthetic elements are most recognisable). With combinations of instrumentation ranging from the real to the synthesized, overall it assists in the sound having an authentic vibe rather than if the whole album was keyboard generated. The flow of the album is likewise quite stunning, navigating slow depressive (almost dark ambient) pieces to more mid-paced neo-classical percussive works, meaning that there is never danger of this album being one dimensional or derivative. Additionally, when selected segments are repeated throughout the album, they appear to be echoing fragments of time and emotion (such as with '1st Wave' being repeated as '3rd Wave', but now resplendent with acoustic guitar). Not much else to say but search this out.