Remanence: Apparitions

by Chris Christian, Sonic Boom

This is the debut album from a musical project from my home town by the name of Remanence. The majority of the material on this album is brand new. Only three tracks appeared on an obscure self-released cassette EP and all of the tracks have been remixed and remastered on this new album. Musically the band has strong ties with the likes of In The Nusery with their use of snare drums and stringed instruments. Many of the tracks contain acoustic drums and other instrumentation rather then their sampled counterparts. Other tracks favor strong usage of samples either derived from natural sources such as rain, or more modern sources such as shortwave radio. For the most part the music is totally devoid of any vocal work, yet does contain an occasional vocal sample buried in the mix. Also included with the album are extensive liner notes on a variety of scientific and parapsychological methods of obtaining and recording sound. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this release is that it was totally self designed from the music and engineering to the layout and design of the liner notes. This release is definitely something that classical, industrial, ambient, and experimental fans alike should listen to simply for the sheer quality of the end product.