Remanence: Apparitions

Judas Kiss

It seems that every now and again an unknown band comes along unexpectedly and presents us with an album that would put many established artists to shame. Apparitions is one such album. From the very first track, you become instantly entwined in the emotively beautiful neo-classical music that ebbs from the speakers. The music contains great depth and a feeling of solitude but with an icy warmth manages to keep you engrossed until the last note leaves the speakers. Although this CD manages to personify the entire feel of a release within this genre, Remanence also add a few little quirks of their own, a military snare, use of radio samples etc, that although are not overly original they execute their inclusion in the layering and structure of the tracks perfectly. I find the music on this release, in some respects, reminiscent to that of In the Nursery, but with a more sullen and melancholic depth to it. The CD comes with a gorgeously printed opaline outer cover which seems to capture the beauty and isolation that the music contains. An excellent release and one that Cold Spring should be proud of and one that admirers of neo-classical music should track down at all costs.