Remanence: Apparitions

by Gordon Taylor, Infectious Unease Radio

Remanence are from the USA. The band consists of two members, Brian McWilliams (bass, drums, keyboards, programming, piano, percussion, short wave radio, tape treatments) and John Phipps (acoustic and e-bow guitar, Drums, keyboards, percussion, piano, tape treatment). "Apparitions" is a beautiful CD for relaxing the mind, allowing the listener to sink into the realms of the subconscious. It consists of dark ambient, native and refreshing natural soundscapes.

"Apparitions" features samples of Ted Serios, the man who tried to capture his imagination on camera. It also consists of march-like drum beats and ambient sounds mixed with string instruments. I would describe the entire composition as a dark ambient soundscape that allows the listener to feel a variety of emotions and experience a diversity of images.

"The 1st Wave" is a combination of north American Indian drum beats, saxophones and keyboards. This was an enlightening, superb composition that allowed me to visualise ghost-like images on a forsaken moor.

Another touching composition, "Where The Shadows Lie", has a medieval military sound that brings to mind images of nature coming alive. It consists of percussive drums and keyboard sounds.

All the compositions on this album were outstanding and touching. It is an album to listen to while relaxing, something to ease the mind and the pains of everyday life. "Apparitions" is a album that opens the mind and allows you to feel emotions that you have never felt. It is an album I highly recommend as an addition to your collection.