Remanence: A Strange Constellation of Events

by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space

The first time I listened to "Signal Hill" I thought I was hearing things - which is probably because I was. In addition to the soft ambient tones, the beeping of a signal beacon is heard. I'm still not 100% certain whether I like the beeping or not, but the meaning behind it is explained in the beautiful packaging. Regardless, the track is excellent, the sort of music that definitely conjures up images of standing on a grassy hillside at night and looking up at a sky full of stars. The music is minimal and subtle yet richly detailed, as field recordings meld with such varied instrumentation as rattles, rainstick, metal plates, and my personal favorite, "objects." "Lamkhyer (remix)" has a low rumble and tribal beats that remind me of Steve Roach's classic title track from On This Planet. There is a light touch but a dark tone that permeates the disc. "Nocturne" swirls about in a way that is hard to describe, simple but striking. More complex and experimental is "Stress," clearly a product of the unusual sound sources used throughout. Often the disc is more about sound than music, but it manages to relax and sooth in its own unique way. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes uplifting, always interesting, I highly recommend A Strange Constellation of Events.