Remanence: Lamkhyer

by Niels Mark Pedersen, Vital Weekly, #358

After the well-acclaimed debut album "Apparations" Remanence have this time reduced the efforts into three tracks lasting approximately 20 minutes. Apparently this beautifully cardboard-packaged three inch sized CD is the first sign of a new up-coming full-length album titled "A Strange Constellation of Events". Brian McWilliams and John Phipps, the duo behind Remanence create an effective mixture of spiritual ambient and tribal percussion with some strong ethnic influence. Title-track "Lamkhyer" opens the set with various hand percussion and wind instruments that penetrate the soundscapes of dark drones. Smooth, drifting and mysterious. On second track "K'an (the abyss)" the listener is confronted with some Tibetan bell ringing that in its own subtle way intensify the dark and eerie expression on this, the album's most non-tribal track. Final track "The leftward path" is the most percussive with some mid-tempo rhythmic textures that reminds of earlier works by Steve Roach. "Leftward path" is also the brightest and most tuneful track where the two previous tracks moved deeply into dark and gloomy territories. "Lamkhyer" is a Tibetan slogan saying that whatever happens in your life must be included as a part of your journey. In that sense I advise any listener of ethno-ambient to include this brilliant CD-EP as a part of their ongoing musical explorations. Especially admirers of Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana will appreciate this work a lot!