Remanence: Lamkhyer

by Gabrielle Kielich, Music Revue

It may only last for twenty minutes and thirteen seconds, but sometimes, that's all you need. Remanence's ambient, soothing instrumental vibe is equivalent to a very nice massage. The music works as a pair of strong hands, hypnotizing the mind and the body. Suddenly, all the stress that has been building from canceled trips and non-DVD ready TV's is cleansed away. Ahhh can you feel that? The three-song EP is exquisitely produced, giving major label artists a run for their technical money. Equally cool is the packaging on the CD. Since presentation is sometimes the selling point, the decision to wrap the disc in a tiny, earth-toned, incense-esque package was a bonus. The artwork is simplistic and appropriate, creating a mood before the music even starts. Don't be deceived by the tiny, downsized CD found inside--on it is a truly unique sound.