Remanence: Lamkhyer

by Elizabeth Clark, Kalamazoo Gazette

The instrumental pitter-patter of Remanence is perfect day-spa music. The muscles start to relax just looking at the minimalist cardboard-and-velum packaging.

The enigmatic music-making collaborative recently released "Lamkhyer," a 3-inch CD featuring three works from the album "A Strange Constellation of Events," on which the title track "Lamkhyer" is scheduled to appear.

It's the sort of spooky side of New Age that David Lynch goes ga-ga for, and you can just picture the lady in the radiator from "Eraserhead" dancing to "The Leftward Path" at her senior prom. Found sounds -- water trickles, rattles and "random events" -- and percussive and keyboard savvy join together lushly and the many layers don't overwhelm one another or seem to compete.

The resulting ultra-ambient sound is much like Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil and others associated with the 4AD record label, but considerably more subdued. Who knew that was possible?

Remanence is Brian McWilliams and John Phipps, both of whom perform on keyboards, percussion, drum loops and sample manipulation. McWilliams also contributes vocal "tones" and Phipps pitches in with shortwave and 12' tuned resonator, while Michelle McWilliams guests on recorder.

A soothing ambient daydream ... Remanence's [ Lamkhyer] is a good thing in a small package.