Remanence: Lamkhyer

Judas Kiss

After the phenomenal full length debut on Cold Spring, Remanence are back with a suitably stunning follow up that takes the shape of a twenty plus minutes 3" CD 'Lamkhyer'. Housed in a beautifully designed card sleeve come folder that harks back, in both design and presentation, to their pre-cold Spring days, and the 'Premonition' cassette, comes three tracks that although differ marginally from their work on 'Apparitions', in that it's not quite as instantly full on neo-classicalism, are quite simply breathtaking. The sheer depth of beautifully constructed ambient structures are flooded with subtle washes of classical instrumentation and an ethnic element that is presented in the timely and very fitting percussion. The opening opus and EP title 'Lamkhyer' bridges the gap between Apparitions and this release perfectly, with its dreamlike qualities that are awash with such atmosphere and emotion that you simply can't help but be moved by it, as it flows timelessly from the speakers, creating not only an air of outstanding beauty but also one of great solitude and despair, with the two opposite emotions playing off each other, ying and yang like, but yet creating a perfectly matched final sound and atmosphere. This dark yet compelling aura slowly fades into 'K'an (the abyss), the second and equally stunning track, which this time takes on a more dark ambient feel, before gliding into 'The Leftward path', the third and final composition, which again like the opening track adopts a more ethnic feel due to the percussion, which this time takes on a more aggressive feel by becoming the more dominant element whilst the beautifully moving ambient sculptures continue to flourish beneath them. A simply stunning release that promises to be a prelude to their forthcoming album 'A strange Constellation of Events', which if this is anything to go by will be as good if not better than their debut. My only query about this release and Remanence is why in gods name did Cold Spring not release it and why haven't they been picked up by one of the other major labels in the scene, because when music is this bloody good, it quite simply can't be overlooked. LP+