Remanence: Lamkhyer

by Al, Aural Pressure

Presentation is everything. Go into any posh restaurant and you'll find the 'so far up their own arses' cooks serving up a portion of peas in the shape of a fucking pyramid surrounded with some indescribable red sauce. Style over substance? You bet. "Lamkhyer" doesn't, thankfully, fall into this category. You can't eat it for a start. Actually you could if you fancied a trip to A&E but I take it none of you reading this are 'Care in the Community' outpatients.

Here the presentation in the packaging is used to show the attention to detail that has gone into this latest recording from Remanence. The 3" CD comes housed in a piece of foldout cardboard, with diagrams and information regarding the meaning of "Lamkhyer', and held together by a banded piece of plastic that screams out 'quality'. "Lamkhyer" is the follow up recording to "Apparitions" which appeared on the Cold Spring label. A quick story. "Apparitions" is the only recording that my brother has ever liked from my collection that he actually requested a copy of. Note: that's copy as in buy him one and not burn him one onto CDR. I swear on my mothers life this is true.

The first track on the CD 'Lamkhyer' is a rhythmic undulating piece of gentle percussion and subtle oscillating electronics which is worth the price of the CD alone. Track two 'K'an' is more experimental and deep in nature with chiming bells and a more threatening disposition sound wise. Finally 'The leftward path' completes the recording with processed loops, beats and electronics and is a fitting conclusion to the recording. You don't need to read about 'Lamkhyer', 'K'an' or 'The leftward path' to enjoy the music but I would recommend that you do as through this awareness you'll realise what Remanence has sought and managed to achieve.

"Lamkhyer" is a natural progression on from "Apparitions" and, although having just over 20 minutes of music on the cd is so beautifully executed and crafted that you'll forgive them the brevity.