Remanence: Lamkhyer

by David J Opdyke, Ambientrance

We haven't heard from Brian McWilliams and John Phipps since Apparitions (reviewed here March, 2001); it's great to be able to hear [ them ] again even though it's a teasingly small (20:14) package (though gorgeously designed for a 3-tracker). Here their lush synthtronic sound is even richer, not to mention injected with more rhythmic elements and tantalizingly ominous moods. Swelling in from faraway places, hovering strings are embedded with gradually-growing (and slightly-ethnocized) drums and chimes as they become lovely, moody Lamkhyer (9:10).

Ringing bells reverberate slowly over K'an (the abyss) (5:26), a low, drifting passage of beatless dronestreams. Taking The Leftward Path, one is surrounded by a gauzey ebb-and-flow of delicate mists, which is in turn penetrated by a rhythm that is downtempo-yet-tribalesque, rising in intensity as the background flows churn more deeply, darkly. Fortunately, these tracks are a prelude to an upcoming album which we most eagerly await. A-