Remanence: Lamkhyer

by Jim Brenholts, Ambient Navigator

Lamkhyer is a three-inch EP from Remanence - Brian McWilliams and John Phipps. It is also a set of Tibetan slogans that refer to the path of life and to the individual being the sum of all his/her experiences. The electro-tribal atmospheres are mystical and dark. Brian and John approach these slogans from a "tabla rasa" perspective. They have no preconceived notions about the tenets. The title track, a deep rhythmic desert ambient piece, is slated to be on their debut CD - A Strange Constellation of Events. Tracks two and three - "K'an (the Abyss)" and "The Leftward Path" - are unique to this EP and set a tone for Brian and John. They will not allow themselves to be tied to one style. The entire EP has electro-tribal elements. Each piece, however, has its own distinct personality and panache. This is a very nice set [ and ] sets the table for the CD. Listeners [ should ] have high expectations for the debut CD... I would compare this to Ma Ja Le, Tuu, Biff Johnson, Kelly David and Terra Ambient.