Aperus: Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure

by Daniel D. Stanisic, Spiritual Profit Radio Programme

It has been almost a fortnight since I received the packet containing the Aperus CD... I am ... quite overcome with it, and have come to regard it as an indelible experience of contemplative nature. I find it truly admirable for both its musical and visual contents, with numerous distinctive features already prominent and a great deal more that is conducive to one's intellectual and spiritual growth yet to unfold.

Compositions such as 'Dark Moon (Initiation)', 'Magnetism', 'Echo Canyon' or 'Vanishing Terrain' - let me enumerate but a few - do indeed make Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure a work of great merit, capable of exciting emotions subtle and soothing, occasionaly even disturbing, thus providing sufficient contrast by way of a musical chiaroscuro, given entirely new form and meaning. I think it not inadvisable to predict - as there is excellent ground for such expectations - that Aperus bids fair to claim that advanced position allotted to, say, Jeff Greinke, Vidna Obmana or Alio Die. Perhaps you will not be reluctant to agree with me, even though, as an artist, you might be of the mind that it lies upon others to estimate the value of your work.

I would also like to express my admiration of your excellent craftsmanship with regard to the package housing the Aperus CD album. Everything about it suggests a great care for details; the photographs, in particular, well become the entire album concept. I was delighted to find them in an envelope made of elegant tracing paper, which, in my mind, has become some sort of indispensable feature with Remanence releases. Please do try to keep it on all your future releases as well, possibly slightly differing in size, shape or purpose.