Aperus: Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure

by Rik Maclean, Ping Things CD Reviews

"Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure" is a very impressive collection of songs by Brian McWilliams performing under the name of Aperus. Travelling along roads of both light and dark ambient, Brian has created a fantastic release well worth further study.

"Dark Moon (initiation)" brings to mind a sense of ceremony and ritual performed under night skies. Rumbling and shaking tones play beneath a steady simple melody of rather foreboding sounds.

"Magnetism" in contrast is a much brighter track, a beautiful piano melody played over a steady drone. Simply beautiful, bringing to mind the twinkling of stars in the night sky. Wonderful.

"Echo Canyon" features floating percussive tones slowly swaying through the soundscape, drifting tones passing like water, the call of a buoy, metal on metal scraping against each other. Submarine sounds, underwater at night. Slowly giving way to more fluid tones, a greater organicism. A stirring piece.

"Radiant" floats above the ground, gently moving back and forth through the clouds, tones effortlessly melting into each other. Wonderful work.

"Vanishing Terrain" brings a sense of mystery, subtle tones play throughout, interspersed by more mechanical noises, sounds, pulses. A sense of beauty being lost, replaced by something less organic, more constructed. Slowly the organic elements begin to win over, taking dominance between the two, creating a blend, a synthesis.

Packaged in a DVD case along with a series of beautiful photographs which inspired the music, "Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure" is an excellent introduction to the work of Aperus, and is sure to delight fans of the ambient genre.