Aperus: Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure

by David J Opdyke, Electroambient Space

When Brian McWilliams (of Remanence) experienced technical difficulties in both photographic and musical endeavors, the two projects became linked. Undeniably organic, desert scenes and sounds are only part of "tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure" by aperus.

After a stormy entry, low, rolling waves stream from atmospheric Dark Moon (Initiation) (7:13), their sprawling undulations etched with skittery patterns and glimmered upon by higher wafting ephemera... nocturnally sedate, yet majestic. The spaciously melting drift of Magnetism (3:55) is dappled with the more-humanistic sparkle of piano notes; then, the everywhichway currents of Earth & Clay (3:56) also take a more-musical route, this time via bass and clanging/clanking percussion.

The vaporous sheens of Echo Canyon (8:52) lead into Leaves, Waves (3:23), which rustles as if heavy winds were on the rise; echoey accompaniment is sparsely applied to the sizzling environment. Vanishing Terrain (11:16) is swallowed by a blend of gossamer electrosymphonic gusts and rather irradiated waves, all just melting together in wide to-and-fro sweeps...

The disc comes to an end with the rhythmic-yet-subdued All Good Things... (3:28), interlaced with soft strums, radiant glows and glassy beams of sound.

Much like wandering through the creative process, eight tracks take various dreamy detours through an imaginary desert soundscape which could be anywhere you want to think it to be. aperus is McWilliams with John Phipps, Carolyn Koebel and Michelle McWilliams. A-