Remanence: A Strange Constellation of Events

by Franz de Waard, Vital Weekly

Almost three years ago, we reviewed 'Lamkhyer' by Remanence, which was a preview of the then forthcoming 'A Strange Constellation Of Events', which finally emerged now as a release. I am clueless as to why this has taken so long, or if there have been other releases. Perhaps they were just perfecting this release? It could very well, since they did a great job on packaging, with small printed card with quotes from Schopenhauer and Emerson. Very nice work at that for sure. Remanence is a duo of John Phipps and Brian McWilliams, and they work with a load of analogue synths, percussion, sound effects and field recordings. Mixed together this brings us ambient music with the big A. The most obvious influence here, I think is Vidna Obmana in his early nineties period (when he himself was influenced by Robert Rich and Jorge Reyes), with a mechanic ethno percussive sound and long washes of deep synthesizer sounds, all the traditional ingredients of ambient with the big A is there. It's not something that sounds much different than say similar music a decade or so ago. Ambient music is made according strict rules and measurements and the listener knows what to expect... Remanence plays such music in a strong tradition and they do that in a highly professional way.