Remanence: A Strange Constellation of Events

by Daniel D. Stanisic, Spiritual Profit Radio Programme

... I was greatly pleased when I beheld the album in its beautiful packaging: I am still truly at a loss to imagine how you always come to produce such singularly admirable layout and assemble it with all the accessory items into an artistically captivating whole. In addition, the trade-mark use of the tracing paper for the inlay contents is as pleasing as ever. I am very well aware that there are special releases in many forms and guises on the music market nowadays, but you always manage to surprise one in the most agreeable manner possible.

I was immediately stricken by its contemplative nature and its ability to induce in one the state of perfect detachment from all that is prone to corruption in this world: the philosophical term "transcendent" might be one of the most apposite attributes one could resort to when referring to it. The music is quite sobre yet the more beautiful and evocative on that account... The titles themselves are intriguing and aptly chosen... I find it rather difficult to name any favourites at this stage: all the compositions are appealing in their own way, each bringing along a new angle of viewing the whole, without being predictable or dull for even a single moment.

My initial experience with the album does single out a couple of titles that already linger in the memory: "Signal Hill" made an immediate impact; "Lamkhyer", in its present incarnation, although very well known to me from the "Lamkhyer CD Single", is still quite enthralling and refreshing; "Stress" struck me as a very elaborate piece in the manner of Aperus; and "A Reply Beyond Oblivion" is an excellent Dark Ambient track indeed, the more enjoyable for its sinister, noisier Industrial qualities. The production itself is flawlessly executed, it being yet another aspect of your work one becomes almost too readily accustomed to, often forgetting how exacting and time-consuming the entire process must be.

Let me once more congratulate both John and you for your impeccable work... I personally consider A Strange Constellation of Events a perfect example of elevated, flawlessly produced ambient music, something that is inevitably bound to invite comparisons with stars of recognized magnitude, such as Lustmord, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jeff Greinke, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die or Amir Baghiri.

Effectively separated from reality in this manner, the audience is treated to mesmerizing atmospherics that delve deep into the psyche, tickling long-ignored synapses of relaxation. Stress melts away, swallowed by the power of these minimal passages.

Although keyboards play a vital role in this music, their presence is well-hidden by the manner in which they express themselves. Lavish chords are elongated and hang like phosphorescent mists overhead, providing a hypnotic environment for subtle flashes of understated electronics which cavort lazily like torpid fireflies.