Remanence: A Strange Constellation of Events

by Patty Eacobacci

Apologies for not writing sooner... let me just start by saying that almost every time I listen I am awakened to the moment when the light dawns in "First Light". I am almost moved to tears. This piece is very moving for me. Thank you. So this evening I am plugged in and listening and as I do I take you where I go.

As always your CD's take me on a journey. Each piece places me in a different mood along the emotional journey. "Signal Hill" takes me into the depths of the earth but first flying above and then into a mountain the signal which I no doubt is signaling something (I am just too lazy to figure out the Morse code) fades in and out letting me know I am moving further away from the reality I came from before.

Frogs crickets and evening bugs "Reflecting Pool (reprise)" makes me feel like I have landed in a new land and await something more.

"Lamkhyer (remix)" prepares me and gives me an overview of the journey to come. Not to be feared just to go with courage and explore. The key is to keep moving and not to stay too long in one place.

"Nocturne" is cold arctic breezes in the distance as if I am looking out a cave and into a wind swept polar expanse.

"Reflecting Pool" is haunting with the ghosty voices clicking and whooshing in the background. Circular motion as it reverberates back and forth, to and from.

"Stress" (which by the way I listen to also on Hearts of Space - Congratulations I hope it has brought you some more well deserved recognition) does have the feeling of outer space. What did he say, Scorpio or Jupiter or somewhere out there. But it introduces to me new life different from the previous reality. The various layers of sounds are familiar. Metal balls, rattle, metal on metal plate, all reflect activity and unfamiliar energy.

"Echo Canyon III" gets me traveling again. Moving and exploring. Floating along. Liquid textures if you will and the faint calling of the signal makes me know I am getting closer to returning to my reality. As I move into an open rock circle. Pueblo like walls encircle the opening and the beast moves around. I must be quiet and still but I turn following the beasty sounds. I am in total fear. the end is near. Yep this is a pretty scary piece. I'm glad it's longer because you can find courage to move as you realize the walls are keeping the beast at bay. So you can start to move without so much fear and know that you are almost out.

And then oh my god I love this. The crickets, frogs and evening bugs again "First Light". There it is in the background. Light. Falling... no rising remembering the dark but now I move freely renewed, relieved, refreshed, revived. You guys.. this piece isn't quite done in my opinion if I may be so bold. But then again, that's me, the queen of light, I always want it to be more. This song epitomizes hope for me. That despite the scary static which envelopes and distracts us from our path, there is light and no matter how fleeting it gives me hope.

Well that's thoughts from me on listening to A Strange Constellation of Events. Again, I don't know anything about music. But I like listening. As artists we often don't know how folks are touched by our work. You may not care. I envy you if you don't. But for me to see and hear how someone is responding to my work...well it drives me. So that is what I do for those whose work moves me. Thank you. It has been a long time in the waiting for me to hear this work. I am so pleased. Cover is fun too. I always hate not being able to see good pictures of you two but I must admit it adds to the mystery.