Remanence - Premonition

Cassette:   $8.00
Out of Print

Where The Shadows Lie (Heart of Darkness Mix) 7:02
The Hurt Heals Slow 5:40
Violence in Chinatown (Alternate Mix) 4:54
Litost 1:45
Second Wave 3:32
Smile 2:26
Total Playing Time 25:19

Remanence - Premonition

"Premonition" was released as a deluxe, limited edition cassette featuring artwork printed on recycled card stock paper and a velum insert. It was intended as an introduction to the work of Remanence and a prelude to the "Apparitions" album which soon followed. By the time "Premonition" and "Apparitions" were available to a wider audience, a number of other groups were recording under the name "Arcana". To avoid confusion, Arcana later chose a new name - "Remanence".

"An astounding cassette EP which heralds only the beginning from this exciting duo... The packing is very innovative. The tape comes in a brown cardboard box covered in plain black artwork, and tied closed with a black ribbon. Inside the box wrapped around the cassette is some type of wax paper with various literary articles written across the foldout sheet detailing all sorts of occult information, and machines designed to record the spirit aura, and more... Excellent overall concept from the artwork to the music by a very impressive duo." - Chris Christian, Sonic Boom

Brian McWilliams: bass, e-bow, keyboards, percussion, tape treatments
John Phipps: keyboards, percussion, tape treatments
Eric Berg: saxophone
Mike Rashid: keyboards
Seichi Takahashi: gongs, conga, drums, log drums, marimba, percussion, tabla, vibraphone

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