Remanence - Lamkhyer

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Remanence - Lamkhyer

"In Tibetan [there is a] group of slogans known as lamkhyer: lam meaning 'path' and khyer meaning 'carrying.' In other words, whatever happens in your life should be included as part of your journey... Whatever happens, you don't [have to] react to it..." - Chogyam Trungpa

Packaged in a unique earth tone booklet, this release contains approximately 20 minutes of new music. "Lamkhyer" explores tribal, ambient, and experimental territory, blending hand played instruments, electronic rythms, field recordings, and sample manipulation together into a deep, organic listening experience.

Relinquishing control, allowing for the accidental to blend with the deliberate. Chance and randomness were treated as valued collaborators, used to select intervals, notes, sounds, and direction. Spontaneous improvisations were shaped with a deliberate hand, transformed then re-processed, pushing further into new territory. The result shifts from the title track's rythmic play with dark and light into the mysterious, watery, subconscious of K'an, then resolves into the reassuring Leftward Path underscored by deep processed loops and hazy electronics.

This release serves as a prelude and subtext to the upcoming album "A Strange Constellation of Events" on which "Lamkhyer" will appear. "K'an" and "The Leftward Path", which are unique to this collection, grew out of experiments designed to open new compositional doorways. It is in this contect that they are presented.

Brian McWilliams: keyboards, percussion, rattles, drum loops, vocal tones, sample manipulation
John Phipps: keyboards, percussion, drum loops, shortwave, 12' tuned resonator, sample manipulation
Michelle McWilliams: recorder on Lamkhyer
Experimental Method: I-Ching, random events on K'an (the abyss)

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