"Geophonic" literally means "sounds generated by the physical environment". Geophonic Records is a label that documents and reprocesses sights and sounds from the natural world and presents them as audio and photographic works in the ambient genre. These are presented as just one possible interpretation of events as they occur in the environment and it is hoped that they serve as a connection point between the viewer and the original source material.


Is a label that explores the stochastic relationship between perceiver and perception. It invites experimental methods, chance operation and the uncontrolled into the creative process. In so doing, it attempts to subvert consciously imposed meaning, revealing aspects of experience normally operating below the threshold of perception.

Latest News

  • Added ability to subscribe to album release news
  • Reissued Aperus "Tumbleweed" with updated artwork, label name and additional photos on April 12, 2013. No changes to music.
  • James Johnson | Aperus "Ecotone" released March 31, 2013.
  • Ecommerce is working for available titles
  • Added audio clips for Ecotone.
  • New Blog about Label names and site change
  • Better audio previews coming soon.


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Latest Release

James Johnson | Aperus
Ecotone (Limited)
Geophonic Records, geocd01-ltd

Price: $13.00